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Documentary Operations

Spitamen Bank being a leader in commercial services, provides
a full range of banking services for trade finance transactions.

Spitamen Bank offers services to ensure the fulfillment of obligations in international and domestic trade. This type of service not only contributes to the development of international relations, both business and financial organizations, but also helps to protect all parties to a trade transaction from possible risks.

Documentary transactions for settlements between buyers and sellers, and are usually used in international trade.

Opening of letters of credit.
The financial organization undertakes, upon the instructions of the client, to pay the third domain, upon the provision of agreed documents, the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.

Provision of bank guarantees.
The bank provides written guarantees, under which it undertakes to pay to another bank or certain person under a contract, credit or other documents in lieu of a third person, if it does not fulfill its obligations.

Documentary collection
Settlements between two financial institutions, when the money is received not by the supplier, but by his bank, according to the documents provided and agreed.

The importance of documentary transactions lies in the fact that they enter into the terms of the contract, and minimize financial risks.

Spitamen Bank invites to cooperation all interested persons.