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Beware of scammers


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Spitamen Bank warns!

Dear clients, the bank has recorded cases of fraud on social networks.
The victims of scammers are customers who place advertisements for the sale of their goods on Internet resources.

Fraudsters, disguised as buyers, offer to make a money transfer to the seller’s card as payment for the goods.

To do this, the seller is sent a link, which he is recommended to follow and enter full card details, or is sent a code for confirmation.

As a result, instead of receiving funds on the card, they are written off to the electronic wallets of the scammers.

The Bank strongly recommends:

1. Do not tell anyone the PIN code and CVC/CVV (last 3 digits on the back) of your card. Bank employees never ask for a PIN or CVC/CVV;

2. Do not write the PIN code on the card or store it next to the card;

3. Do not tell anyone the one-time code from the SMS message from the Bank;

4. Do not indicate your bank card details on unverified Internet resources.

If you have any doubts during a conversation with persons introducing themselves as bank employees, turn off the phone and call 6565. Our operators will help you understand the current situation

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